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I am five years too. Loving life too.

The IT band is awesome, because once you know how to deal with it. It is dead simple, but work-oriented.

If it is indeed your IT band, then it can stand a great amount of abuse to teach it a lesson. Foam roller or if you are a masochist get a rolling pin. Roll with your body weight up and down on the floor back and forth on that IT band. Go for the crying; it will work. Certainly you can dig in with your knuckles, use a lacrosse ball, and do (see YouTube) excercises to stretch as well.

Typically the IT band goes over the prosthesis a little, make it stretched. This will take time to knead and massage and roll to grow and not be tight like a guitar string against the frets.

Watch your abductors too, from the groin down to the inside of the knee. Same thing, you can grab that sucker with some massage oil and just run your hand down the leg putting pressure on that abductor all the way down.

As for a weights program, go for it. Age-related atrophy or sarcopenia is a thing. Fight it off. But your IT band issue comes from various other lower body things like overcompensation due to learning to run with good form (and forgetting too), too much rolling out of the foot or landing on the outside…..on asphalt/concrete. And imbalances etc. Once you fix the IT Band issue, it will return for a visit sometimes. Teach it a lesson again….it’s part of the runner’s injury avoidance fandango.

Good luck.