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Rest, ice and simply walking is key that first couple of weeks. I only used a cane to support going up hill or up steps. My doctor would not let me use a walker. The biggest thing you will notice is that the tendons and muscles will need to redevelop to keep your new hip aligned especially going up hill and up steps.

It is now 14 months since my THR and I competed in an Olympic distance triathlon this past weekend with no issues. I like your idea of not running for at least 6 months to allow for healing. That’s what I did. My motto was no setbacks. I built up to it by slowly increasing my walking distance while also building back my running and swimming.

At twelve months I started adding weight to my squats and doing box jumps. Prior to that I was doing unweighted squats with TRX bands to build back range of motion.

Good luck….it is great to back living with zero hip pain!