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Hi Pietro – great to hear from you. Some excellent times and percentages!
We have just restarted parkrun in the UK, my first 2 runs have been 32 mins and 28:33 – because on the 1st of June I found I could not get out of bed without violent sciatic pains/shocks down my right leg. It seems I have spinal stenosis and the nerve is being pinched somewhere in my lower back. Internet has helped, as has my chiropractor, and I can at last stand up straight/lie down flat, which was impossible for most of June. Bit of a bugger really because I had a really good spell of running in the new year as a fresh 70 year old, making County Gold standard times for all distances from 1 mile to 30 km, including a 16.45 mile race (won age group, but was the only one..) and a 1:55 half-marathon. Best percentage came from a 23:27 5k at 75.1%, a figure I doubt I have ever achieved before. Getting old does have some consolations.
I think the running got better because the weather was unfit for biking and the gyms/climbing walls were shut – I just got used to running frequently, both slowly and quickly, and it ironic that I broke after reducing the running to spend more time on the other activities and on doing long walks in preparation for the mountain challenges I have set myself. Anyway, there is a light at the end of the tunnel – next week I shall beat my wife (at parkrun!) with any luck, and biking has been good even with sciatica as I can bend forward without pain.
Keep up the good work!