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hi everyone

haven’t posted in a while but here’s an update. I managed to train well, and ran the Rotorua Marathon in May 2021 just under 4:20. That’s 30-35 minutes slower than the last 2 pre-surgery marathons, but a finish is what I had prepared for, and got it comfortably. I am still training (run 2 times/week, gym once a week focussing on squats/lunges/deadlifts), and my times are improving. My parkrun time yesterday was 22:12 and I still felt a bit in the tank. That’s a 68.09% age grade, another 2% and I will be matching my pre-surgery PB. The hips are fine when I run, and it is now 2 years since surgery. Recent x-ray shows a very good state of implants. I get a groin spasm on the right when flexing the hip/doing abdo crunches, but not when I run, and it’s been pretty much like that all the time so I am not worried about it.

Will post update every now and then!