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June 30th marked one year since my THR. I declared it a success after starting back to running Jan 1st and since running 750 miles, biked 3500 miles and swam 180,000 ydds with zero pain. I did a sprint triathlon to celebrate my return, the first triathlon in close to two years. It was great to be back and able to run off the bike. After a year with zero setbacks, my goal, my wife dropped a log on my big toe while stacking wood the day before a 4th of July 4 mile race. My fault for not wearing my steel toe boots while doing yard work….so needless to say I couldn’t race.

I took a couple days off of running and swimming but was able to bike. My next planned race is another sprint triathlon in late July. So glad I had my THR….now I just need to improve my speed so I can keep up with my grandkids during rainbow tag when they come to visit in a couple of weeks:-)