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Hi Chris,
In regard to running too soon or not, I am I agreement with all: trust your body, with a caveat: none of us really knows how to tryust our bodies after getting a synthetic body part. I am 7 months out, began jog/walks in earnest at 6 months, no more than 2:30 walk/30 jog, then 45 jog, but none of that applied when I was on terrain, then I only jogged when I was on flat sections or slight inclines. However, today I had an outrageous success, completing the Annihilator trail run in Nenana with ca. 1200 altitude gain/loss with running poles only 2.15 mm slower than my time before the operation, and I felt great, wished I had included poles in all the past trail series runs, all with altitude challenges. More, I was not even close to being the Red Lantern. Hope to see at one of these events (with your poles: recommended) soon too.