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Hi Robbie! I agree with the posters here — there are natural plateaus along the way and they will ebb and flow…I had a THR 6 years ago at age 43 and was running at about 6 months. I took it purposely very slow.

My physical therapist had some very good advice/wisdom that ended up being spot on: The recovery is slow but you will notice breakthroughs at “doubling” points…at 2 weeks post surgery, 4 weeks, then 8 and so on….He had said really it will be not until you hit the one year mark where your body is really in its groove…I have to say that was true for me. At about 6 months I was at a plateau – it was good and I was fine, but kind of stayed at the same level for a while…Then almost magically at about one year I noticed a step up and was able to crank up workouts even more.

Good luck! Keep us fellow HipRunners posted!