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Hello Robbie and hang in there!!!
Every day is an opportunity to do and get better!
-how do you know when you’re ready to start running again? it is an individual matter, for me it was when I could walk comfortably, briskly, without any “hitch“ in my gate and when I could climb stairs in an athletic fashion… And that’s when I felt I could start shuffling again
– Re: recovery and plateaus – I hear you there! Once I was to about 40 days, I was like “what’s next“? to me it seems like the orthopedic community doesn’t know what to say at that point. My biggest challenge a couple months out, which remains to this day, is getting mobility, flexibility, and “smoothness in my walking and running stride“… I ran a 5K about 2 months postop and I have been doing shorter races about every three weeks since then, I am now 4.5 months postop. I ran a 46:39, hilly road 10 K last Saturday. That is all great, but I am struggling with muscle soreness, muscle stiffness throughout my legs and lower back, and three hamstring pills in the last month…. so I am certainly riding the THR roller coaster! All that I know to do is continue to focus on balancing activities, stretching, strengthening, and rest.