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I agree that what you are experiencing seems pretty normal. I didn’t start throwing in running steps until 4 months and then actively started running at 6 months….doing run/walks of three miles in length every other day. I also had posterior surgery and my hip flexors were the ones that complained the most. On the off days I cycled and swam. I also signed up for a strength and mobility 3 month program to get my balance and form back. It wasn’t until the 7 month mark that i felt that I was making good running progress. At nine months I am starting to get my pace per mile faster and have run up to 15 miles utilizing the 5/1 minute run/walk technique. I am still running only three to four days a week….and biking/swimming the other days.

The goal is to go as fast and far as your body will let you with no setbacks…..consistency is the key to training and setbacks just disrupt that. Everyone is different so let your pain be the guide and don’t overdo it.