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Everyone is different based on what you did prior to surgery. If you were active and strong going into surgery your recovery may be quicker. I started walking the day of surgery and worked my way up to eight miles by four months. I then started a slow progression of jogging 10 steps several times during my walks and building to 100 steps x 10 by six months, always being aware of soreness the next day. At six months I started slow runs of 3 miles using a run/walk technique of 5/1 minute run/walk. I also started a strength and mobility program that required allot of one leg balancing. I had posterior THR so my hip flexor seems to be the last muscle to recover, but with the exercises it gets stronger every week. This past Monday I was able to run a hilly 15 miler 9 months post op with no after pain using my 5/1 minute intervals.

As for shoes… many great ones to choose from these days. I am a longtime Nike shoe guy and alternate between the zoom tempo for long runs, the infinity for short to medium runs and 4% for faster tempo runs. I like the energy return in these shoes that others just don’t seem to provide…..all personal choices so go to a good local running store and try them all on until you are satisfied. Plus there are great shoe reviewers on YouTube. My favorite is Seth DeMoor or Ed Bud.

It is always good to focus on form as we get off balanced compensating prior to surgery. I found the book “The Lost Art of Running” very informative when it comes to good running techniques and the why….plus it has great stories…ez read!

I am also a triathlete so I swim twice per week and bike at least three times per week. I use the TrainerRoad platform for biking. The biking provides harder interval workouts that translate very well into running so that I don’t have to do the pounding of going to a running track to make me faster.

Enjoy your return……I hope this helps you get there!