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Yes I agree your biomechanics could be better; you may KNOW it but also good for a PT to confirm it because as runners, we are fantastic “compensators” to achieve our goals… we may do whatever we need to get across the finish line as fast as possible, even at our own peril 😉

No shoe changes for me (I’m a fan of Hoka and the Clifton iterations) but a conscious effort by me to “run more gently” (that quote isn’t mine but John Morelock or Gary Cantrell?) similar to the Chi method: forefoot, lighter quicker steps, less impact…So more like a barefooter… still in Hoka’s as I believe we need more cushion as we age… at least up to a point and not at the sacrifice of foot stability.

Which leads to your last question on running faster… faster is relative… if you were a cross country runner in college and ran a 240 marathon a couple years after graduation, I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect that at age 55 following a hip replacement that you will ever get back to that place. But if you had a four hour marathon PR at age 40 with years of hip pain and a hip replacement at age 50, a year of healthy running on your new hip could certainly lead to a new PR. I turn 50 next month…
As of this morning, I don’t see myself running a sub three hour marathon nor sub 24 hours at Western states, nor sub 18 minutes at 5K… That could change, but you see what I am aspiring to be able to get close to…