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Hey Sheri, I am 4 and a half weeks post Anterior THA. When I went in for my initial diagnosis and my Dr told me that the whole hip would be replaced, he said to pick another sport, running was no longer a part of my life any longer and to come back when I’m ready to move forward. Two weeks later after dealing with the depression that my life was over I realized that others are running after hip replacement surgery, why can’t I?! I went in to the appointment and told him that I wanted to move forward with the surgery with the goal of returning to running. He got a huge smile on his face, and became super happy. He then told me all the steps that were going to be coming up, everything I was going to go through. Since I am a competitive ultra runner he referred me to the best hip surgeon in the state and sent me to him. Best thing I’ve ever done! Be honest and up front with your doc, they work for you and your interests. You have so much amazing advice above I don’t want to become repetitive. Best of luck!


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