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Hi Chris,
I am now 5 months post op and am doing everything I normally did, including dog mushing. I signed up for trail half marathon in Duluth, Minnesota on about one year post op, and began training for it, planning to hike fast 3/4 of it, jogging the flat sections…which is perhaps 3 1/2 to 4 miles all together. Starting tossing in 8 to 10 jog revolutions every 5 minutes on my fast walks on the Dunbar trail, and to my delight IT FELT GREAT. I am now looking forward to my “runs,” though I don’t plan to increase but a few more revolutions a week until 6 months and then will hold back this first year, jogging no more than 1/4 of the time on training runs. Suggestions for walking with a cane and beyond in Fairbanks might be downtown walking trail along the Chena River and when your balance is good, the Dunbar does get packed, as you know. Use creepers for sure though. You don’t want to wipe out on ice, not yet.