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Hello Sheri, and welcome. I also needed a new hip because I broke the femoral neck of my hip in a bike accident. My surgeon told me point blank at my pre-op appointment that I had to stop running. He did not explain why. I came home and cried. I went ahead with this particular surgeon because I felt that he was the most meticulous of the surgeons I had consulted with, and I hoped this would give me the best result. I figured that I’d deal with the running prohibition later.

I called his PA and asked her about running and she said that they had patients who ran, and they didn’t yell at them.

At my 3 month follow up, I pressed my surgeon on why he told patients not to run. His answer was that running aggravated the soft tissues. He said that patients who ran came in with aches and pains, and that those who didn’t run didn’t. He also said that there were not studies that proved that running wore out the prothesis prematurely, but his intuition told him that it would. When I heard about the soft tissues, I thought, “Oh, is that all?”

I am now 5 months out, and I still have enough swelling around the main incision that I think that if I were to run right now, it would indeed aggravate the soft tissues. My decision at this time is to wait. I think that eventually that will calm down. We’ll see what more time brings.

Best of luck to you.