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Hi Hoppie,
I had to look up the details of the dual mobility prosthetic to see the bearing surfaces and found a paper on the Stryker version examining devices that had been removed during revision ops. Most of the wear seems to be in the small bearing where most of the motion takes place. Stryker seem to think their crosslinked polyethylene wears very well. I know the French are keen on dual-mobility for skiers and climbers and I correspond occasionally with someone who has them bilateral and still works as a mountain guide. Not a runner, though.
My ceramic/ceramic THR was placed by a lateral incision, a long one like yours, and my surgeon specifically said I could carry on doing all the things I do, running, biking, climbing etc and I would not be able to break it. Pretty reassuring! I was jogging at 6 weeks, racing 5k every Saturday after a couple of months and at nearly 4 years am doing better than ever in age-graded terms having just turned 70. My other hip is metal on metal resurfacing, this will wear but blood tests can detect the metal ions to give some warning.
Not sure how to advise you to proceed other than to ‘listen to your body’ like all of us will say. Try jogging, see how it goes, be happy with strenuous hiking if it does not suit you. Dislocation is pretty rare nowadays even without the dual bearing.

Good luck!