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Hello Sheril – very sorry for your accident and totally understand your predicament there! My experience is that surgeons have to set a tone, making you realize that there is the “possibility” you may not run again… I liken this mindset similar to the “getting old“ realization… We all have to “accept“ that we likely cannot do things physically quite the same as we did when we were younger… If you can embrace that mindset, and accept your new reality, which may include not running (but also may include it :-), YOU are in a good position to move forward. I met with two surgeons that “highly discouraged“ running before I met with the surgeon who did my procedure; he was open to the possibility. What I will emphasize is that your surgeon may be looking at your “whole“ and advising against running… age, strength, mindset, BMI, flexibility, history, etc. so I would not ignore what (s)he is saying but get other opinions too! What I can tell you for sure is there is no magic formula, no “set“ guidelines, and we are truly all experiments of one (George Sheehan). For example, I found the best rehabilitation exercise for me was power hiking up hills with heavy hands and being able to shuffle down hills on grass surfaces by week seven postop. I ran a decent 5k by day 84 postop and upon my three month post op date (yesterday), there was no special “magic” that happened on my movement restrictions being lifted… don’t get me wrong, I listened to my surgeon and my PT, but there was nothing magical about yesterday – versus four days ago – that allowed me to put my shoes and socks on like normal… just general guidelines! In summary, I would ask your surgeon to be extremely specific as to “why not“ running? tell him to be honest and back it up with factual data; “don’t be afraid to hurt my feelings as to why“. Refer him to this blog…! Relay stories like mine, like David Whiteside who at 70 years old, last year ran both a 100 mile foot race and an Iron Man with a THR. Also hip brother Tom Who founded this blog and his running accomplishments… I don’t recall his name, but another blogger who ran a full marathon 68 days postop! Show me the science that says no! Until I feel differently, I will continue to run gently and intelligently with my new hardware.