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I have two THRs, 5 years ago. I teach adaptive (handicapped) skiing and snowboarding in PA. My recommendations: Get fast (GS) skis. I rip down groomed runs, including steeps, and have a blast. All-mountain or slalom ski’s will draw you into moguls, trees, etc, which is fun, but save them for a very occasional treat. On powder days, rent powder skis (don’t forget the powder straps). Moguls put a lot of pressure on the hips and knees, powder a bit less, crud about the same. Groomers at speed very little. Also, wear crash pads (hockey) briefs. Breaking the femur is the worst thing you can think of, and 1/2 inch of foam will help. Go to high end resorts that have gondolas, or at least foot rests on their chairlifts. Dangling the heavy equipment adds stress that you don’t need. Choose your times wisely, weekdays means much less standing in lift lines. IM me if you like. Best. Jimmyc