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Thank you and no worries… We are all “experiments of one” (George Sheehan) and most interesting in our own “one“ 😉
I am 48 hours after the race and not sore in my replaced hip, but significantly sore in my other middle quadricep… A “good“ sore and sore to the touch… I am certain this has everything to do with my body compensating – Adjusting to my new hip and new gait.
I have had extremely little, if any, pain as it relates to my new “hardware” and connections… (Though I have had soreness early on near the incision area). I posted about six weeks ago asking the question “how do you know if you are damaging your hardware?“ And also “how do you know if the new hardware and your bones are “meshing – or not?” It seems like there isn’t certainty here so I am letting pain be my guide…
I approached the 5K last Saturday with the spirit of fun and enjoyment, and “I will run comfortably hard and below a threshold of pain”… literally to enjoy it with no attention on pacing and only monitoring my exertion; awareness that at the first sign of THR-area pain, I would stop and walk off the course… well, all felt great with about a half mile to go so I kept going and was able to stride out a bit to The finish. I am determined to only run in this fashion, specifically following THR.. and to borrow the words of another great running coach and philosopher, Tom Osler, “running is to be enjoyed; pain, discomfort, and fatigue are my bodies signals that it is being overtaxed… I will slow down, rest, or quit if necessary… I will only walk and run in good form… poor show is mis-used energy“.
So I will build from here.. my distance and speed; always in good form and pain-free!