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Thanks for the update on your running progress, it’s giving me a lot to think about since all I’m doing right now is my PT exercises three times a day and not much else, I try to get out for walks on the crutches as much as possible. Being 10 days post-op I am getting impatient, I feel like I’m not doing enough to move forward, be walking without crutches and feeling a more normal walking gate. But I know I need to take it all in stride and respect the process, let the body heal and listen to my PT’s. 10 days out, I walk with a limp which is to be expected at this point, around the house I don’t use my crutch(single crutch) unless I am carrying something (Light) or going up or down stairs, then I’ll use one crutch to get around. Outside I’m using both crutches for stability, lots of new snow on the ground and clean walking isn’t an option, may try using my running poles for support outside instead of crutches? It’s a thought. My YouTube channel is called “AKtrailrunner” I have a vlog on it called “Hip Life” and that’s where I do all the boring talking about my hip surgery/recovery.