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So glad to hear it went well; the worst of it is behind you!!! You are on the other side and now what you see before you and feel each day is your reality! It is hard to put into words, but as you heal (and there will be ups and downs :-), your hip and movements will start feeling more “natural“… keep moving and strive to get feeling comfortable again! Interesting on the cane; with mine it was never even discussed??? I put the walker away 72 hours post op and now I only use it for doing dips in my own gym LOL!! Be careful but let your drive as a runner motivate your recovery! Tomorrow I am nine weeks post op, and this morning I “shuffled” 5.5 miles in 63 minutes… mostly shuffling intermixed with brisk walking… 90% plus on grass surface and fairly hill terrain … no joint pain, but noticeable muscle fatigue by the end…Comfortable, conversational pace… “Knowing thyself” in a holistic sense was hopefully something you were good at as an experienced runner, and now with the hip, will be even more important! “Shuffling“ at an 11 minute per mile pace, “feels right” for me right now… Understand that three months ago and easy run for me would be 8:30 per mile. My point and one of the greatest beauties of this blog is that we all are our own experiment… my hip replacement journey has been quite spiritual in nature… an awakening of sorts! Relish the journey, be patient, and reach out to this blog for guidance! What is the You Tube link so we can follow you ?