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Hey OB – thanks for getting back to me. Your story sounds awfully familiar. Like you I am able to bike and swim at a decent level and I don’t have much residual pain afterwards. It’s the running that is problematic. I can run 4 to 6 miles but the pain usually kicks in around the 2 mile mark. Same goes for walking – I get about a mile and a half to 2 miles in and then my limp builds and the pain radiates into my lower right leg.
I’ve had a couple PTS advise me that recovery may take a little longer due to the fact that I’ve been overcompensating for so long. This sounds identical to what you were going through. Therein lies the argument for getting it done sooner than later! I’ve already had a sports hernia surgery on my left side about five years ago which more than likely was the result of me overcompensating for my bad right hip.
In any case i’ve got about five weeks before my surgery so I need to make a decision.
Thanks again for your input