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Hey Sarah,

Interesting story. One of the all-time great distance coaches Percy Cerruty of Australia pioneered heavy lifting with few reps for distance runners (the “gaunt is beautiful” distance runners). He was also a pioneer in hill running specifically sandhills.

So, sand is of course soft for light impact, like snow and mud of course and going uphill is less impactful. So, perhaps speak to the ortho-surgery-doc-guy about that sort of training if you can find a variation of those types of surfaces. I am sure you already know, but hill running also improves form, stride length, power and lower leg/ankle/foot development. Think of a ballet dancer and how much power they have in their feet.

The great Arthur Lydiard of New Zealand often talked about that and he developed a hill phase (which is probably too much for a middle-aged person, I am trying my first Lydiard hill phase in 14 years and 4.5 years post hip, age 55, so we are close in that regard). But I am doing about 20% of his hill phase…..

So, your impact and power can be moved from knee/quad/hips to some degree down to your feet/ankle/calf and Achilles.

Patience is the key, here, as uncemented means that the bone is growing around the prosthetic to support it, as opposed to the cement doing it. This lasts longer but takes longer to happen.

I have a running friend. His wife just popped out of the hospital after one day Tuesday, from Monday surgery. Cruising around with her walker. Age 63. Took me three days (something about being able to pee on one’s own). I think we get excited that soon we will be running after leaving the hospital so quickly.

Listen, my first “anything” outside was a 10K walk with ski poles three months and one day later. The route used to take me 37-45 minutes depending on the purpose of the run. That first one was 2:04:00 — I laughed out loud upon finishing. I can now do it in 47-49-minutes (and that’s after two Haglund’s deformity surgeries and the hip surgery and 10 years off, so 10 years more raisin-like).

You will be great again.

Look forward to hearing about your progress.