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Hi Brent, like many have stated, we all have to make our own decision. I’m 47 and 3 months post THR. I wasn’t a hardcore long distance runner, but did have a minimum mile/day streak for 1391 days until surgery ended it. The last couple of months before surgery were pretty much a survival shuffle to make it through my mile. What put me over the top was I couldn’t coach my 5th son’s football team the way I normally do, demonstrating techniques, showing them how to run routes, etc. That and I couldn’t sleep through the night. Not being able to live my life the way I wanted is what convinced me it was the right thing to do. I received the go-ahead from my surgeon to start the slow process back to running today. 7 minutes of walking, 30 seconds of jogging x 2 a couple of days/week. I’m listening to the other advice I’ve read on this site and am going to take it slow and listen to body. Good luck with your decision, that first week post-op sucks, there’s no other way to put it. But it does get better and sharing your story here provides some great support!