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Hi Hoppe – I also had a posterior THR. At 2 months I started extending my walking and was up to 6 -8 miles by 4 months. At 4 months I started jogging slowly…more of a fast walk doing only 3 miles with walking breaks. By 6 months I was at 4 miles per day of slow jogging. At 6 months I got the ok to start running again so went to a local track to run the straight always and walk the curves. This allowed me to focus on using the proper running technique and proper muscles. What I found was tight in the hip and I had many imbalances from years of running on a bad hip. I am now working with a strengthening coach to reactivate the appropriate muscles and build back the mobility and strength in those muscles to get my running back to where I can complete again.

Slow and steady progress…..without getting to far ahead of myself will get me there. Setbacks are not an option when trying to build consistency.