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Hi Brent, I ran through most of 2019 and 2020 with pain in my hip. It began as a discomfort over the years and then in the last year and a half became debilitating. I went from running 60-80 miles a week on average to 25-40 if I was lucky. Last year I could still manage runs of up to 100k but by the end of them I was done, my hip would be unbearable and I would have to take a few days off after any High intensity or long run. By the end of September last year I couldn’t run a step without severe pain in my hip and I stopped running. By November I finally went in and had my hip looked at. I have FAI (Femoroacetabular Impingement) bone growths on the femur ball have completely worn down the cartilage in the hip socket and now the socket and femur head are bone on bone. The pain is constant and I can’t walk half a mile without sitting down form the pain. Some days the pain is manageable, then I step wrong, stub a toe, the hip locks up and I’m done. Some days I get the pain radiating down to the knee or ankle, those days really suck. I can still cross country ski (classic only, skate skiing is way to painful) so I can still get my cardio in and still feel somewhat normal, but even then after a hard or long ski over 10 miles I have to take a day or two off afterwards for my hip to calm down. I’m scheduled for surgery February 15th, I’m so sick of the pain now I’m counting down the minutes until surgery. If I knew how bad the pain would get, how fast my hip would degrade over the last 8 months I would have scheduled the surgery back in July when it really was impacting my life.
I guess what I’m saying is if your hip has caused you to not have the life that makes you happy, that is no longer the life you live, get the surgery. The sooner you’re pain free the sooner you’ll be back to doing the sports that you love. I have wasted 8 months of my life because I wasn’t sure it was the right thing to do. I’m 56 years old and now I’ll have to wait until the end of summer possibly before I can actually begin returning to running. I’m pretty pissed at myself for waiting this long and now my life is on hold.