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Hi Brent. I don’t think anyone can really tell you when the time is right for your THR. But I do think that each of us know when the time is right for us, though we may rationalize against that knowledge. In my case I fought hard against it and felt that I could endure whatever pain and discomfort was necessary to keep my old hip and keep running. The deal breaker for me was when the pain affected my sleep. When the pain prevented all but a few hours of sleep at night it was too much. AND it went drastically downhill in a couple of months. When I first scheduled surgery I was unsure, but when the time arrived I couldn’t imagine waiting longer. Now I’m more than thrilled with my new hip. It’s been three years now. I am running again though not to the degree I was before, mainly because the rest of my body resists. Strength has been slow to return but my range of motion is as good as it has EVER been. Speaking for myself, it now seems irrational to try to delay the inevitable a few more months, while enduring the pain of the deteriorating hip. I’m confident you will do what is right for you, when it’s right for you.