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Hey Brent in reading your last post you once again confirm my experiences pre – surgery. I live in FL so water skiing (for me at a very recreational level) had become painful. And yes with OA, one day is tolerable and the next is real painful. Tempering your expectations is great because the reality of your future is unknown… in addition to what I said previously, I posed this reality to myself: “with OA and the decline in stability, strength, and mobility (all eventually inevitable but in my late 40’s, OA was the main cause), AM I WILLING TO ROLL THE DICE – knowing I may not run again – in order to gain the CHANCE to run like I did 15 years ago?” What’s the chance of NOT running again due to having a THC? For “runners” our age, I estimated that at 20%, so I am rolling the dice. For me, I’d rather take the risk at having a shot at running a 3-hr. marathon (that’s the best version of myself) than “shuffling off into the sunset”. 20 min. before the surgery I’m standing in the pre-op room practicing deep breathing, fighting back fear-tears and praying that I was doing the right thing (for more reasons than stated above I.e. please God no complications”…
So I made the decision…. and some of the best advice I’ve ever heard… “make the decision, then WORK TO MAKE IT THE RIGHT DECISION!” So here I go out the door, practicing proper form in how to fast hike!