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Hi Petemeads – thanks for your thoughts and feedback. Yes, I’ve done extensive research on the Birmingham hip and spoke to a different surgeon about it as well. My concern with the BHR or THA approach is that it is metal on metal. As you are aware this releases metal ions into your bloodstream (metalosis) which some people tolerate just fine and others very poorly. Most clinical research papers in the past 3+ years have orthopedic surgeons steering away from performing BHR at all. In fact the surgeon I met with said because I am relatively short and have a small femur and acetabular I might not be a candidate. That coupled with the metalosis risk factor I ruled it out. The other thing to note, as you pointed out, is that the THR using ceramic on poly is exceptionally strong. The surgeon I am scheduled with also has a brother that still does both THR and THA but rarely THA any longer because of the risk factors I noted.

I also researched the dual mobility hip which uses 2 polyethylene cups and allow for great range of motion. The Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) in NY uses this approach for revisions when dislocation is problematic. They also use it in younger patients. It has been around since the 1970’s but the double polethlene cup system is still relatively new. The only drag is that they are still testing it.

I am really impressed at 70 you’re still cranking out the miles – especially with both hips redone. I’ll look to you as the poster boy that I hope to emulate 20 years from now! Thanks much for your input!