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Thanks for you thoughts WedgeC. It’s reassuring to know there are so many others out there in similar predicaments. As I mentioned I’ve been dealing with this for 5+ years so I’ve had a lot of time to adapt and adjust my thinking about running. For me it’s no longer an end game or a need to be competitive – I’m at peace with my accomplishments. My main concern is to be able to run post surgery 2-3 times a week without expediting the need for a revision prematurely. From the sound of you’re thinking it seems like you’re OK waiting until New Years if need be. I think that’s really smart to ensure the post and acetabular cup have had an opportunity to really fuse with your bones. I’ve read many posts on this site about runners that jump back to running 8 – 12 weeks after surgery and I think that’s insane. But, then again, everybody is different.

I’m struggling with waiting or taking the plunge. For instance I ran 6 miles this past Friday and also this morning with acceptable discomfort. (I say “acceptable” but I think I have a really high tolerance of going into the pain cave so often) Sunday, however was not good at all. I also had a lot of pain skiing with my family a few weeks back. So as you know with arthritis – some days are good, others aren’t. I have a solid 2 months before my Surgery date so I have some time to weigh the good with the bad. I do really appreciate all the feedback from others as it helps put things into focus a bit more.