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Hi Brent – have you researched resurfacing (Birmingham hip and variants)? The sort of procedure that Andy Murray chose that allows full activity including impact. Only a few surgeons specialize in the procedure, those that don’t will probably not even mention it as an option, but it offers a younger athlete a more conservative option than a TFR which is easily converted to a TFR later in life if necessary. A well-fitted BHR or its equivalent will last at least 20 years. That said, a modern ceramic THR seems a pretty good alternative and my surgeon was happy for me to carry on running and climbing, saying “you will not be able to break it” when I expressed my disappointment that my second BHR op resulted in my femoral head snapping off,thus requiring THR as second best.
Whichever you get you should be able to get running again within a few months, I have had a good year despite lockdowns, over 900 miles of running, up to 13 miles, and long days in the hills up to 42 miles. I have just turned 70, my hips are 6 and 3.5 years old.