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Brent-your story IS LITERALLY MINE!!! SO MANY OF THE IDENTICAL SYMPTOMS AND THOUGHTS!! I’m 49 y.o. I had the exact same questions as of December 20 for my December 22 procedure!
How did I know??? MANY of the same reasons you gave but cemented in my mind this fall when a 10-mile race (that I was prepared for) left me barely able to walk the next day due to hip pain and when older heavier non-athletic parents can move faster than me during a parents-kids soccer game 😉 I don’t know that I’ll answer “for sure the right decision?for another 6 months but I can tell you today-22 days post-op, I’ve hit 2 big milestones: I can walk up stairs pretty normally with just a slight muscle stiffness at the incision and can walk briskly with ZERO JOINT PAIN. I hiked a hilly 3 miles on day 20 post-op (avg. 3.6 mph) and biked 8 miles easy on a road bike at 15mph on day 21! THERE IS BRIGHT HOPE and I plan on running again; God willing by May.