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Hi Hoppie. I have a similar story . I broke my hip in April of 2018 in a Segway accident. I had three screws put in my hip. All was well for about a year or so. I was running regularly from 6 months to about one year out. Then the pain came back. PT didn’t work and I was diagnosed with necrosis. About a year ago I got a new hip. My surgeon was/is lukewarm about running. I did a lot of walking for several months and PT and began running in June of 2020. I run about 3 times a week, 3-4 miles. Sometimes more. My surgeon hasn’t really forbid any exercise but hasn’t really promoted any either. I still feel occasional pain in my hip. Sometimes on the inside but usually in the butt area. More of a tightness really. It always feels better after I run or workout. I do some general stretching before and after exercise. Hope that helps.