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No. I live in a small 2 story cabin about ten miles outside of Fairbanks, it’s a dry cabin(no water, it’s quite common here in Alaska)my outhouse is about a 50 foot walk out of the cabin with an awkward step into it as well as an elevated seat that I don’t know how t fix to adjust so I won’t be sitting at a 90 degree angle. I don’t have a shower so keeping the surgery site clean and free of infection isn’t ideal. I wish I could stay home, I’ll see how I feel after being released from the rehab facility. As for somebody staying here with me, that isn’t an option, it’s a single room cabin and the accommodations are quite intimate haha. Driving is an issue for me since I live so far out from services, staying in town would be a smarter alternative. But I am definitely looking for the most inexpensive and safest alternatives, finances are an issue.