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Hi there,

I am just 3 months post op now, and this is what helped me. Consider that you’ll be using your upper body strength and good leg to compensate for the operated leg for awhile.

I think the fact that I did pushups every day for months before surgery was very helpful. I was using my upper body for lots of things: turning over in bed, pushing up off the toilet, and it was also the only way I could get into my car without breaking the 90 degree angle. I put my butt on the car seat, and then put my hands down on either side and lifted my torso up in the air. Then I was able to swing my operated leg into the car.

Also, consider if you have a lot of stairs in your house. I live in a townhouse, and to live here is to climb stairs dozens of times a day. It was 9 weeks after surgery before I could climb stairs the regular way all day. My good leg did a *lot* of stair climbing. I’m sure as a runner you have very strong legs, but maybe it’s something to think about.