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Thank you Dave! i’m sure we will meet and relish the opportunity! It is humbling to say the least… I am now 96 hours post up, and I am just now able to roll on to my stomach – hips braced and spaced of course… The pain and stiffness are certainly still present but definite improvement! The thought of running or a bodyweight squat to even quarter position is not a possibility… but I have faith! As a guy who had not been in a hospital in 30 years, aside from the pain, I would also put out to the group contemplating this surgery to be prepared for your body to “revolt“ a bit. I would likein it to How your body does during significant sickness… my resting heart rate is clearly elevated, about 25% even during sleep, and can feel that heart rate pounding in my head. I am also getting periods of hot and cold spells, sweating at night followed by being cold… No measurable fevers just ups and downs from my body reacting to surgery. I use a wrist strap tool called WHOOP (no financial interest) that monitors recovery through metrics in sleep, heart rate variability, resting heart rate, and respiration, and up until today, that device has told me by its metrics that things are way off internally!!! Today the metrics are starting to trend towards “normal“ but are significantly off. I’ll continue to update the group every couple days on progress as it is a fascinating process.