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Hello Brett. I started running in the 70’s and usually ran all out all the time. This was fine for a time but then I started to get some nagging injuries. After my THR 3 years ago, I started with lots of walking, hiking, and biking making sure there was no pain. I’m 68 now and promised myself that if I started running again I would also do a dedicated regimen of strength and mobility training AND really work on my form for the most efficient stride possible…and just be much more intelligent on my overall approach to running. My absolute belief is that if this helps everyday (and elite) runners avoid injury with less stress to the joints and soft tissues, this can only benefit someone like me with a bionic hip and perhaps save on any unneeded wear and tear. So far, I am running pain and injury free and have VERY slowly started to build up my miles. I also cross train by hill walking and riding an Elliptigo cycle. I’m looking forward to my first 5k and then my very favorite 10k runs in 2021. Build a solid foundation and the rest will follow. Best wishes!