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Hi, my THR occured July 1,2020 also. I’m 71 with 40+ yrs running, tri’s, and having fun doing it all. I had a bike accident April 28th and all that was discovered was a slightly fractured clavicle. My hip was xrayed also but “missed”…. ahem! Two months later I got my demanded mri and a week later the THR. My recovery went well and when I was able to I began a vigiorus walking program. After about four great, pain free weeks I began having significant knee pain at the tibial plateau. Xrays indicated possible arthritis there. Prior to the accident I had no pain with the knee. After several appointments with my surgeon and his “Duh” opinion he suggested I take meloxicam 15 mg for pain control. That was Oct. 30. I had much less pain 2 days later but this drug has not fixed the problem, mearly masked it. I began a walk-run (slow awkward jog) mid Nov. with no hip pain and “comfortable” knee tolerance. I am currently trying 100 +- yard walking followed by either 2 or 3 tenths of a mile old man survival shuffling totaling 3 miles of “running” three days a week. After 8 months of lost running my gait is awkward and leg muscle atrophy and aerobic fitness is very disheartening. Your program of using time rather than distance for training sounds attractive and I think it will be a better restart for me. Well, perhaps for as long as the meloxicam lasts…😳