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Hello Brett.
Anterior right replacement done May 2018. Took me more than a year to start walking and then running a few k’s.
As Tom mentions, data on failures is very sparse ,and one has to be aware that the hip is now mechanical and will probably only last for x number of k,s. What i mean by that is to be sensible about one’s running. I used to be a 140 k week runner, and having the op was extremely traumatic for me as i have been running for most of my adult life… about 50 years. I have now progressed to about 30 to 40 k’s per week and that, given Covid and the scarcity of races for the foreseeable future is fine for me.
I still plan to run my 20th Comrades marathon at some stage and will reassess my running after that. My hip is sometimes painful, but i then back off for a few days.
When i decided to run again, i dropped quite a few k’s and eased into it.
Best wishes

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