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Hip Brother Tom

Hi Brett.

I had my hip replacement in 2012 and started this site as a result of it. The doctor told me back then, that he did not know how long my new hip would last if I took up running. He said there was just not enough data collected to know what the effects from running would be on the new hip technology. This site is one big experiment and at 8 years later, my hip is still running strong. While it is true, some people may drop off the site if they start having problems with their hip……I won’t. I will report both the good and the bad that comes with running on a hip replacement.
There is something to running that I cannot get from anything else. Running serves as a great mental release for me. Without it, I become a different person. I need it. On top of that, it is a great way to maintain fitness without having to watch every calorie that I consume. The reward is simply health…….both physical and mental. I will gladly risk a hip revision in order to have those 2 things.

Hip Brother Tom