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Hi Brett – I am 5 months post op from might Right THR. I am running easy about 3 to 4 miles per day on all sorts of pavement and hills. I am a triathlete so also swim 3 x per week and bike train indoors 3 x week. After 5 months I don’t have any pain and forget my hip was replaced…..except getting off the floor after playing with my grandkids:-)

My surgeon told me, since I am now 65 years old and with a ceramic ball and titanium socket that is much larger in recent years that I will not wear it out. He said he advises against training for and running races marathon in length or further. I mentioned the half marathon at the end of a triathlon and he was good with that.

I started slow with just increasing my walking distance up to 6 miles and then started adding back in parking lot jogs for 10 steps. I worked my way up to 3 miles of slow running and plan to stay there until I get past the 6 month mark with no pain….other than being out of shape.

I will go back at the 12 month mark to make sure I am not doing any damage, but with no pain I am pretty sure everything is fine.

I would make sure you get really well cushioned shoes. I run in Hokas and Nikes. I also try to land mid foot to reduce impact.

My surgeon is a sports doc…..Vikings, Twins, college, etc…..and understands return to sports. Best to find and stick with those kind of guys if you want to also return to sports.

Good luck,