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Hi Chris – I am 5 months post op posterior THR. I would suggest if you are also a biker to do that prior to your hip surgery to get in good shape without the pounding. As mentioned above…prep for the surgery is important to your recovery. I am running easy at about 3 miles per day plus bike training three times a week and swim training three times per week…waiting for that spring triathlon. Don’t attempt to run until at least past four months to give the bone the opportunity to secure around the new post. I also got the titanium post and ceramic ball. My doctor said i won’t wear it out and it is a much bigger socket so can support running.

Let your hip and pain be the guide as everyone is different. The first two weeks will be uncomfortable until the staples are removed and flexibility will be slow to return. I am guessing at six months I will feel normal but at 12 to 18 will be fully back….good luck!