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Hi Chris, the mental part is hard to prepare for. I’m 6 weeks post-op, posterior with titanium/ceramic. This site has really been a huge lift for me, almost like group therapy. Jonathan puts it well, and I’m sure just about everyone here will say the same thing, that everyone’s journey is different, but when you do “turn the corner” it makes it all worth it.

I started throwing in a couple of 20 to 30 second slow jogs with my walks last week – almost function running, barely leaving the ground, but even that little bit was enough to make me feel like I’ll be back running again someday soon. With my surgeon, I flat-out told him not to tell me what I couldn’t do, so he asked what I wanted to do. Run, coach and play football with 10 year-old son, downhill ski and he said “go for it” on all of them. I think he did say layoff the moguls and don’t jump off any cliffs for the downhill part :).

The things Jonathan lists above are really helpful – especially the raised toilet seat. I’d add a hip ice pack/wrap to the list. I bought mine off amazon and it made icing, which I did a ton of, much easier. I iced from hip to knee several times a day for the first three weeks.

Please don’t hesitate to ask lots of questions, that is why we all came to this site!