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Hi Chris,

Sorry you’re going through this. I had a hard time wrapping my head around a major joint failing too.

I’m 10 weeks post op anterior on my left hip. My implant is titanium with ceramic. My surgeon only offered anterior approach as it’s been his preferred method for the past decade. He knew I plan on being active and it’s the implant he thought would suit me best.

My suggestion is to have conversations with a few surgeons and go with the one with the most experience and you feel most comfortable/confident in. I met with three surgeons and each had a different response to me getting back to running and playing basketball (happy to go into more detail here but it’s not ecessary to answer your question).

My suggestions are to get your body, house and mind ready. Ramp PT as much as possible now (glutes, quads and hip flexors). Buy an elevated toilet seat with handles, a leg lifting strap, a walker (my hospital gave me one) and a pillow designed to go between your legs. Remember that everyone’s response to a major surgery is different. I spent the first four days mentally beating myself up because I had a tough time in PT, took lots of pain meds while others only needed small amounts, etc.

Don’t let that last part scare you – I’ve been feeling great since I “turned the corner” and plan to start mixing in short bursts of light running with my walks in exactly 11 days.

Feel free to ask any questions.