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Thanks Dave. I am taking it slowly and making sure I don’t get to far ahead of myself. Just shy of five months post THR I did my first run off the bike. Only a one hour ride on my wahoo kicker to a TrainerRoad workout and ez 3 mile run….it was great not to have my right hip flexor locked up as has been the case for the past nine years.

My immediate goal right now is to build a consistent 3 to 4 mile run per day….following the 100 days of running challenge by Slowtwich….not worried about pace…that will improve over time. Do my three swims per week and fully complete the TrainerRoad 3 part base training series….so far so good!

One thing that I think is helping allot is to really work on flexibility and balance for 15 minutes each day following my afternoon runs. I can feel my stride loosening back up and my runs feel smoother each week. I also rotate my running shoes…picking out a different pair each day with a different offset. From Altras to Hokas to Nikes.

Hope this update helps.