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Good Luck Casper. [I am 60 years old and male] I have had a similar new fit recently – my surgeon recommended cross-link polyethylene. Right hip (worst) 11 months ago and the left one 2 days before the last lockdown in March. I was a lifelong runner (ex military) and I guess that, at 95kg, I probably accelerated natural wear. My main pre-op issue was a severe degradation in flexibility to the extent that I could barely put a sock on. As far as post-op my first road cycle was at 10 weeks but I hit 100 km/week by 12 weeks and have done 2.5 hours in the saddle and had some ‘confidence checks’ in the form of 3 lowish-speed falls, 2 down to poor personal cleat drills and one a bit of selfish driving forcing me off the road – all joints intact!
I walked a lot as a base plus swimming and mobility exercises concentrating on my core and mobility then stepping up to squats, lunges, star jumps and burpees and am really noticing the positive effects of the squat-based exercises – I started squats steadily at 8 weeks using TRX and similar for confidence/support. I have not started running just yet – my physio suggested 9 months as a target with a guide being standing from a seated position using only one leg! I could probably start now but I feel that building further strength and mobility is an important precursor.
I guess that my big lessons were listening to my body when I was overdoing it and, first time round, equating an early move to single stick walking as a sign of progress when all I ended up doing was limping badly. 2nd time round I ditched sticks as soon as I could (10 days) for walking poles which I found far better. Good Luck