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Hi Casper – I am 4 months post op….same surgery you are having. I also wasn’t able to run pre-op but did bike 150 to 200 miles per week. I am back to biking 100 miles per week and started running 3 miles zone 1 heart rate most days trying to land mid foot to reduce impact. Yesterday I did a 8 x 1 minute tempo run at 10k pace. The limiting factor right now is flexibility in my repaired hip. During surgery they cut the Piriformis and reattach it. I am working to regain flexibility in it with stretching and squats but believe it may take 6 to 12 months to regain full mobility…..each week it is feeling better. I think you will be able to run fast again, but you will have to work it back to full flexibility…..don’t try to push it and let your hip dictate your progress.

Good luck