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Hi, and welcome!
I was at the end of my distance-running career when parkrun came to our area so focusing on a 5k ‘race’ once a week was one way to limit the damage to my arthritic hips, I also took the advice of my physio and bought a bike to keep fit without impact. I followed the 5:2 fasting diet for a few months to shed 10 pounds of unnecessary fat, and hence load on my joints, and filled up with ibuprofen when the pain got too bad. That all gave me about 3 years extra and was certainly enjoyable (most of the time…). Still used flat racing shoes for 5k, hardly went longer than 5 miles in occasional training in softer shoes.
Had a metal resurfacing in 2014 and a ceramic THR in 2017, now getting back to 30 miles a week and currently running every day as an experiment, which seems to be working. Might be up gor a half-marathon next year… Good Luck!