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hi everyone, good update. I kept the running going, at least 3 times/week. Just 2 weeks ago I finished my first post-surgery half marathon, exactly one year after my most recent surgery. The hips were stiff during the race, but not a big issue. I think it is more about rebuilding fitness and regaining muscles than any hardware problems.
I had trained just to finish a comfortable sub-2hours half marathon (in fact from my training time I was expecting a 1:55). Little I knew that after 3 km the road ended and the rest of the race was an off-road steep and treacherous adventure race, without a single level section. I put a wrong foot a couple of times, and had to worry more about getting home without breaking my new hips than getting a decent time. Jogged very slow the last 3 km to a grumpy 2:11 finish, but hey. I have recovered and I am running nicely now, not really training hard (no races anytime soon). Ticking along 23:40 at parkrun, without killing myself. I find that going to the gym once or twice doing lunges, stretching, foam rollers and putting weights on the squatting rack helps quite a bit.
I will jog a leisurely half marathon alongside the missus next month, and from January I will get the miles up – a full marathon in May 2021 is the target.