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Hey Brian!

I was in the same place about a month ago. Trust me, you’ll be absolutely great.

I’m three weeks post op THR on the left. Just had my check in yesterday and everything looks perfect. Here’s what I learned over the past three weeks.

1 – Everyone’s body, pain response and healing are completely different. I had read about people not needing narcotics, walking laps around the block on the same day as surgery, running four weeks post op, etc.

I’m on the other side of those stories. I took boatloads of pain killers my first week and a half. My first lap in the hospital was f’ing hard and I was out of breath. I struggled with PT.

I realized that I needed to give myself a break and that “bouncing back” is different for everyone. I’m happy to report that I’ve turned the corner and feel pretty damn good now. In fact, I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks.

2 – Drink a ton of water post op. I had an IV, was groggy, etc. and did not drink enough water. First time I stood during PT, I passed out. My hospital discharge was delayed 48 hours because of that. It sucked. Drink lots of fluids immediately after surgery.

3 – The overwhelming feeling of hope I had during the hospital discharge was incredible! Seriously. I immediately went into “PT mode” and began planning flexibility and strengthening regiments. This thrilling sense of purpose and goal setting GREATLY outweighed my fear and anxiety prior to surgery (full disclosure: I was a total mess 48 hours prior to surgery).

You’ll totally rock this. If you have any other questions or concerns – fire away!