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I am now 16 weeks post right THR. A long time endurance athlete I twist broke my right leg nine years ago resulting in my hip replacement this past June. I have had shoulder (rotator), knee (torn cartilage), foot (bunion/claw toe) surgery plus my broken leg over the past 49 years (now 65 years old). Hip surgery was the easiest recovery of then all. I actually felt so good once they removed the staples (2 week mark) that I was bored and had to keep telling myself to hold back. My doctor said he didn’t want any of his patients to leave the hospital with a walker so was using a cane the first couple of weeks for help going up/down stairs. The major pain came for those darn staples. I didn’t use any pain medication other than Tylenol. After two weeks I started morning walks and to make sure I was going easy I took my phone and stopped to take pictures. Once I was up to it I started to also use my walks to pick up trash…..made it all seem worthwhile! I am now back to swimming and biking (150 miles per week) and have added 5 minute/1 minute shuffle/walks to prepare my body to run again around the 4 month mark. The only remaining issues I have is lifting my leg going up steps and at night (around 4a for some reason) I will get a shooting nerve pain in my leg from my hip to my toes. The doctor said that is not uncommon because of the drilling/tendon and nerve stretching that they have to do and eventually that goes away. I always figure from my other surgeries….maybe 6 months.

Good luck and I hope that helps….bone will heal the quickest with tendons and muscles to follow.